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Growing more than businesses and social economies?

We are learning that there is a new and better way of improving social communities. It is social franchisors that are creating jobs, particularly for disabled people, and societies more generally. Social franchisors are perhaps the most surprising fact is that they are growing faster and better than social economies and even private businesses.

Many social economies are quite small providing a small number of jobs and social benefits. They can have a great local affect but can often have little overall effect. There are, of course, a few large social enterprises that might be national but then they can lose local control and impact.

Social franchisors can become large but remain locally owned with social franchises who are members. Thus members collectively work together and become more effective and a better community. 

Social franchisors can be substantially large. For example, De Kringwinkel in Flanders is a social franchisor. It now has 4900 staff, 80% of whom are disabled. They are also a green economy managing recycling.

Social franchisors are also growing much faster. Our original social franchisors have grown by 25% over the last three years. In 2011 CAP Market, which operates Supermarkets employing disabled people, has grown from 1200 to 1483 staff in 2014.    A much newer social franchisor, Pluss cleaning cars, has grown even faster - by 387% from 2011 to 2014.

The number of social franchisors has grown from 18 to 33 and they collectively employ over 22,000 staff. Social franchisors are members of the European Social Franchisor Network (ESFN) which helps its members to work together and help other social enterprises become social franchisors.

Our most recent enterprise was in Gothenburg on May organised collectively with Coompanion, an organisation supporting Swedish social enterprises and franchisers. We are currently updating information on the conference which will be available soon.


Our website will provide details about members and the work they do, information on social franchising, events, training and so on (see left).

Europe has experienced significant economic decline, but social franchisors have done the opposite. Social franchisors provide benefits for disabled people, communities, reducing carbon. Overall our members provide a better life helping social franchisors to work collectively as members of ESFN.