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Take a look at some of the existing Social Franchises and what they do.

Actual: Social franchisors, policy makers and supporters meet in May

Our second conference, ‘Social Franchise - The Growth’ will be held I Gothenburg, Sweden on 13 May.

In particular we want to organise the event to help social franchises to grow and learn from each other. We have found social franchises are particularly interested in the best ways of growing finance, eg loans and investments.

Leading exponents of some of the best social franchising will share their learning. As with our first conference at London on 2011(see details), we expect some of the best policy makers, financiers and government members will also be involved (final arrangements are being produced).

If you want more information on for this conference, you can read about it here.

A limited number of ESFN members and additional operating social franchisers will be paid for travel, hotel and food. In total there will be up to 80 people attending, priority will be given social franchisors.

Many social economies provide a small number of jobs for disadvantaged people. They will have a really good social benefit but may be quite small. There are, of course, a few large social enterprises but they can become national in focus and lose local control and impact.

Now there is a new way of growing social economies by working together. They are owned locally but members work collectively and can together become much larger.  

They are called social franchises and they are having a significant effect. We are the European Social Franchising Network and we are owned by social franchise members providing information, planning and research. We have found that there are nearly 100 social franchises which provide well over 10,000 jobs for people, over 60% of whom are disadvantaged.

For example, De Kringwinkel, Flanders, is a social franchise providing over 5,000 jobs mostly for disadvantaged people (more details click here) and is made up of over 100 member organisations. 

So may be the promise of social franchisesis becoming a reality.