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Dialogue Social Enterprise GmbH

Dialogue Social Enterprise (DSE) is a social enterprise with a mission of fostering social inclusion through the development of programs and products that raise awareness of the challenges faced by marginalized and disabled persons, while also creating employment opportunities for them. To accomplish these goals, DSE has developed a franchise system and works with partner organizations globally.

Franchise Details

Sector: Education

Key social purpose:

The mission of Dialogue Social Enterprise is to empower marginalized people and transform the general public perception of these individuals from one of “helpless” to “able”. Through a number of creative programs (exhibitions, business workshops, events) that are implemented globally through a franchise model, DSE provides new learning formats thatsuccessfully break down social and cultural barriers, while also providing employment opportunities for marginalized people.

Key elements of your franchise offer:

Three programs catalyze DSE's mission: 1. Dialogue in the Dark: activities in complete darkness guided by blind people, 2. Dialogue in Silence: activities about non-verbal communication in complete silence facilitated by deaf people, 3. Dialogue with Time: experimental play about the art of aging facilitated by senior citizens. Dialogue in the Dark is the core business activity of DSE, and comprises 97% of the organization's revenues and costs.

What support is provided by you to franchisees:

DSE works through a licensing contract, providing franchisees with:- Registered TM and brand protection- Know-how shared through consultancy on site and online / manuals and documentation- Shared knowledge base through annual meetings and a common digital platform- Access to a global network (Dialogue sites are currently present in 15 countries)

Do you have a franchise prospectus?:
Do you have an operating manual?:
Year established?:
Number of franchise units?:
What is the overall start-up cost/investment required by franchisees?:
£ It depends on the project type/size as it can vary a lot. Minimum required for a workshop is 15k
Are ongoing fees to be paid by franchisees?:
Number of employees (banded)?:
Percentage of employees with a disadvantage (banded)?:
< 25%
Turnover (banded)?:
£ 5-10m

Contact Details

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Laura Gorni
0039 348 3166042