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Take a look at some of the existing Social Franchises and what they do.


The fastest growth of social economies?

It is clear that nearly all of our social franchisor Members have grown substantially, making better jobs, including disabled people, and communities. Our updated research has shown that social franchisors have grown much faster than private businesses (eg Tesco and Mercedes). We have provided more detailed information (attached), but some of the key issues of our research were:  Social

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Mike Berriman - a creator of ESFN

Mike Berriman had been involved in the establishment of ESFN and developing the organisation. He worked with me for many years along with Guy Turnbull (now Care and Share Associates – an ESFN Member). Mike and I carried out research on the impact of social franchisors and set up and managed the website, organised events and other work.Mike and two others, Richard and Paul, set up Co-wheels, car

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Social franchising – obtaining higher returns from investments for jobs in social enterprises

Sven Bartilson of Coompanion compiles the findings of the Better Future for the Social Economy social franchising programme and sets out four key recommendations for the development of social franchising as a means of enhancing its impact. They are to develop new finance (loans and equity) mechanisms for the creation of social franchises from social enterprises finance mechanisms using ESF,

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Social franchisising - financing its growth

Social franchising has proven it can speed up the growth of the social economy. But it is a new technique and little is known about the barriers to its development, growth and financingWe have just released our second research paper setting out our findings from exploratory research with social franchisors and finance agencies. We found that social franchises have three stages of development.

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Guardian article on social franchise research

In the run up to the first European conference on social franchising on 18 October, the Guardian Social Enterprise Network has published an article on ESFN's research into social franchising and the impact it is having across Europe.    To read it and contribute to the debate about the development of social franchising please click here 

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ESFN are gathering information on social franchising across Europe

ESFN are gathering information on social franchising across Europe and the impact social franchises are having. This work is being funded by the European Commission as part of the Better Future for the Social Economy project managed by ESF Managing Authorities.Over the course of the next year we have been funded to work with ESF Managing Authorities to assess the impact and

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First European social franchising conference 18 October

Social franchising has been touted about Europe as a key means of speeding up the growth of the social economy and the employment of disadvantaged people.But what is the reality?Today there are over 50 European social franchises employing over 13,000 people, over 60% of them being economically disadvantaged. So may be the promise is becoming reality.The first annual European Social Franchising

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ESFN Research shows over 13,000 employed

Research by ESFN funded by the European Commission has found that social franchises employ over 13,000 people in Europe and generate a turnover of €400,000,000. The research has created a wealth of information on their impact and operation.To find our more, download here.

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New ESFN website

ESFN now has a new website, with a more comprehensive list of Social Franchises, that you could be part of!

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